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Planting Instructions

AC Greenfix seeds Inoculate

Proper inoculation is essential for nitrogen production. Inoculant and instructions are included with each garden seed purchase.

Spring Planting

Yields best results. Plants can usually tolerate temperatures as low as 22-26° F. Recommended planting time is early spring, 40 days prior to normal planting or more. Plant seeds 1-1½” deep every six inches. Space rows 6-12” apart.

Fall Planting

Fall planting in August when moisture is sufficient or with adequate watering can yield satisfactory results. Growth is usually reduced. Allow plants to freeze off. Plant as above and allow to grow 35-40 days.


AC Greenfix grows slowly for the first 30-40 days. Increased bacterial activity in the soil may contribute to germination of weed seeds already present. These can be incorporated as part of the green manure. Growth usually ranges from 18-35 inched high with plants in full bloom by about 60 days. For maximum nitrogen production, the plants should be tilled in before seedpods begin filling, about 40-60 days.

Helpful Hints

AC Greenfix grows best and produces better results when planted in nitrogen depleted soil, so plant it before you spread your compost or do any other fertilizing.

Didn’t get it planted as soon as you would have liked? Plant between rows to fertilize them as they grow. This works especially well with corn. Remember to clip off before seedpods begin to fill and it will grow back with sufficient moisture. Rotate your planting by planting after short season crops like lettuce and spinach. Because AC Greenfix is such a short season crop with a little planning you can get the most out of even a small garden space.

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